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June 2, 2013
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Club Penguin Nowadays by ImYoshibacon Club Penguin Nowadays by ImYoshibacon
Okay, before you say "Bacon, enough with this Club Penguin shit. Grow the fuck up already." I've been into CP lately because of Tumblr. Here's a good reason why:…

Alright, let me explain this comic I just HAD to make.

First Panel: My penguin (Yoshiru) logging in for the first time since like 2010.

Second Panel: Club Penguin Babies aka "Pookies" and "Mumus"
This is just some stupid and disturbing trend some bored girl must have came up with that somehow got popular. Pookies are players roleplaying as baby penguins on Club Penguin. They usually hang out at the Pet Shop. (Which I recommend avoiding now because they're extremely annoying) The way they type their baby talk is just corrupted English with the excessive use of the letter W. Like "hwi" meaning Hi, "otay" meaning Okay, and "cwawls" meaning Crawls. Pookies aren't the only part I have a big grudge against... It's the "Mumus" that bother me more. Mumus are exactly what they sound like; Players role-playing as Mothers. Yes, this is about being a fucking parent in Club Penguin. I highly dislike this because not only are they annoying, but they're extremely similar to preps (Which I'll talk about later) because they act like rich, talented, and "pretty" celebrities so that they'll gain the pookies' attention and "adopt" them. What happens when they adopt them? They go to their Mumu's igloo and pretend to be a family. I'm not kidding. The players' imagination goes as far as changing their diapers and even nursing them. e_o

Another real disturbing thing about these "Mumus" is that some of them go as far as pretending to give birth to a pookie with the following phrases they type in-game: "AHHH!", "ITS COMING!", "PUSHES", "comes out".

Third Panel: Preps/Dating. This has been going on in CP and CPPSs for a long time and from what I can tell, Its never going to end unfortunately. EVERYBODY IS FUCKING BROWN. The typical guy outfit always has the Tuft wig, shades, pearl or star necklace or a scarf, a hoodie, and a teddy bear. Girl outfits are the same as the guys' except they have the Flutterby wig or the blonde version. Preps are just stupid annoying high school-like football players or cheerleaders. Why do they all dress like this? So they can look attractive and cute because they're lonely teenagers who think virtual penguins are attractive. Well, I can't really complain about them. This girl once told me hot is hot. Because some girls are actually attracted to fictional characters like Sonic the Hedgehog [obviously, the dA Sonic fanbase], Danny Phantom [I dunno why :P], and even The Once-ler from THE LORAX! As for guys, do I need to say anything else other than anime girls? :

But the one thing that really bothers me on a Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS) and makes me facepalm so hard is when someone has either "single", "taken", or "crushing<3" on their playercard status. These pathetic people are the reason why Club Penguin has practically become eharmony or for kids and teens.

Fourth Panel: Basic Retards.

Firstly, I really don't have much to say about those little imaginary actions people do such as "sits down" or "eats taco" when you can actually sit down in-game. One that really bothers me is when people pretend to be cool, hip, popular rich people when they say shit like "checks iphone" or "texts" which is extremely annoying and pointless. As for eating tacos, bacon, or pie jokes, they aren't funny to me anymore in my opinion since I've grown out of the "XD" and random phase.

Second, false and unfair friendships. This is when a non-member just wants to hang out with a member. But no, the members act like complete assholes and refuse to cooperate with non-members. Thus, making non-members to force their parents into buying them a membership just so they could have more friends. It's Disney's tactic to use children's insecurities for financial gain.

And as for the penguin on the right, why are Colleges so cool now? They can't even spell it right for fuck's sake. xP

And the fifth panel is me disappointed.

To all Club Penguin fans, NO, I am NOT against you in any way. I'm just here to sum up what the game has become since my departure/when I became too old for it.

Club Penguin (c) Disney
Comic by me

Hipster penguin in fourth panel.
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I was on Club Penguin and I walked up to a guy who was wearing a pearl necklace and I said "Haha you're wearing a girls necklace" and a bunch of other players said "OHHHHHHH!!"
The fake random people. YES
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